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My Fundraising Page

Race day is only three short weeks away! As we draw nearer to the day of the race, the miles we run during our Saturday practices continue to increase. Tomorrow, we’ll be running ten miles (count ‘em, ten!) around D.C. This is awesome, because we’ll be running in some of the same areas in which the race will be held. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d actually be able to run more than two miles consecutively. I really look forward to race day and the sense of accomplishment I’ll feel for helping a good cause, and for putting my body to the challenge.

Although I’m doing well with training, I’m not doing as well as I wish I were with thefundraising bit. I need your help you guys, this is not a feat I can accomplish alone! Every bit that you can contribute counts, whether the amount is five, ten, or more dollars, please donate!!! I have until April 12th to reach my goal.

On April 28th I’ll be running along with my cousin Sharell, who is running in memory of her son Tyrell. Tyrell lost his battle with leukemia at the tender age of four, and I’m therefore running both in memory of him as well as to support Sharell.

Please feel free to come out on race day to watch us run to support research for leukemia and lymphoma. GO TEAM!!!!”- CJ 

My Fundraising Page

I’m counting down the days! In 22 days I’ll be running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC. I’m nervous, but at the same time uber excited! I’m running this race in memory of my little cousin Tyrell, who lost his battle with Leukemia at age four. I’ll be running along with his mom, my cousin, Sharell Taylor. Facebook friends and family, please help me and the cause by donating at least $10. Your donation will help fund research for the treatment of Leukemia, Lymphoma and other blood cancers. Your continued support and encouragement mean the world to me. Please visit my page to check out my blog and to donate! Thanks you guys!" CJ



“BioShock Infinite is so fucking racist. Irrational should be ashamed.”

That was an actual tweet made by someone I follow on Twitter, a tweet which has since been deleted. Whether it was meant to be ironic or not, the subject piqued my curiosity. So I decided to check around Tumblr and see what other people think, and a shocking number are in agreement that BioShock Infinite and its creators are racist.

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